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About Our Company

Tuong Minh Anh Ltd. Co was established in 2011 by professional members, trained and experienced in the agriculture. We are the young, enthusiasm and aspiration company, and would like to be the bridge to connect the global companies with the Vietnam customers to bring the quality, valuable products for the sustainability development of our Vietnam agriculture.

Our principle:

  • Our vision: for the perfection and sustainability


Our core values:

  • Sustainability: our target and commitment is the sustainability development for every employee, company and the community.
  • Continuous improvement: we are interested in developing and improving in every area of the company operation.
  • Innovation: we always encourage our employees in innovation. We recognize that the innovation will bring a big value for the company and will leverage the company to work and operate better.

Scope of works
Tuong Minh Anh Ltd. Co is specialized in importing and distributing many products such as garden tools, sprayers, fertilizer, insecticide, seeds,.. from United States, Belgium, Japan, Koea, .. with our main principle to supply our customers the best quality and products with the best prices.

Tuong Minh Anh Ltd. Co. understands very well from our value customers their needs to be provided the variable products in best quality. Our commitments are to be the trusted partner, well understanding and having the long journey with our customers in the providing the best consultants, products and services.

Tuong Minh Anh’s employees are professional and always received the training and updating in the agriculture to improve our own knowledge.

We are welcome and very pleased to serve you.