Fertilizer granules provide consistent nutrition for plants

BiesterCOMP is a high quality granular fertilizer made from the finest ingredients. All the nutrients that plants require are incorporated into each single grain that ensures uniform distribution of seed particles, uniformity in size and efficient supply of plant nutrients compared to other mixed compost. After applying BiesterCOMP fertilizer, the seeds will dissolve slowly and nutrients will become useful for the crop.

BiesterCOMP is a diverse combination of different fertilizer formulations that provide farmers with the right kind of fertilizer for each crop, each climate and soil. Beside a range of standard products, the required formulas as well as the special colors are always available to meet the needs of the customer. Each fertilizer formula contains Nitrogen (N), Phosporous (P2O5) and Potassium (K2O). Most products contain Magnesium (MgO), Sulfur (SO3) and selected products that can be enriched with special trace elements such as boron, iron, magnesium, copper or zinc to improve the consistency. Physical and chemical properties of the soil. BiesterCOMP contains very low levels of chloride, which is very important for chlorine sensitive plants when they need potassium from Potassium Sulfate. It’s easy to use in each stage of the crop

BiesterCOMP: achieves a uniformity of 96% grain between 2-5mm, ensuring superior distribution without separation of nutrients and very little dust.