In order to have both productivity and quality, we need to combine nutrient management, water management, plant protection and pruning, in which nutrient management is the most important. Fruit trees have three phases of fertilization: postharvest, flower preparation and fruit development. If you do not understand the nature of each period, it is difficult to apply properly, fertilizing enough for your fruits

  1. Post Harvest: Fertilizing at this time is important because otherwise the plant will not have enough nutrients to recover. Fruit yield depends on the photosynthetic effect, so it should be quick to plant more shoots, leafy. If the garden is normal, use NPK 1: 1: 1, if the garden grows poorly, the garden is high yielding the NPK ratio: 2: 1: 1 or 3: 1: 1. The amount of fertilizer at this stage is usually based on the characteristics of the plant and the yield of the crop, if the higher the yield, the more fertilizer.
  2. Flowering Preparation Period: At this time, the nutrient uptake of leaves and sprouts should mature, creating a flower bud so it is necessary to reduce the rate of N which increases P or K.
  3. Fruit development period: This period is long or short, but can be divided into three stages: + Stage after the fruit: Usually in the first month after fruit, fruit is very slow at this time so it does not need much nutrition, but also can not lack because it will cause fruit loss. If conditions permit, use foliar fertilizers in combination with NPK fertilizers with a ratio of NPK: 1: 1: 1.
  • Fast growing fruit stage: At this time the fruit will grow very fast so it needs more nutrients. For the trees with the left to the end of the branches as longan, rambutan, mango should use NPK ratio: 1: 1: 1. With fruit trees in the axillary, branch, stem like citrus (pomelo, oranges, mandarin), jackfruit, durian, strawberry …, 2: 2: 3 For plants with a short growing period (such as longan), it is possible to apply only once, but the plants that have a long period of time such as citrus should be divided into 2-3 times.
  • Fruit maturity period: nine: At this time the fruit has reached its full size and entered the maturation stage, ripening, the plants need to fertilize enough K to have good quality fruit pattern. The ratio of NPK is usually 1: 1: 2